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yi0, sm, t, BEENA PUBLIC SCHOOL

About Beena Public School, Varanasi

About Beena Public School, Varanasi

Beena Public School Varanasi Follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Complete package of Sports, Music, Dramatics,Dance and computer. Spread over 2 acres of lush green surroundings. it is located at the age of city far from congested township. the school building is blessed with excellent infrastructure, airy classrooms lavish playground, audiovisual interactive learning system.

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Our Infrastructure

Director’s Message

Aims & Objectives


You have had a terrific quarter, and I am confident the next one will be even better!
Sandeep Singh
A good school with Good Environment.
Gaurav Mishra
One of the best school of Varanasi. It focus on moral Education Also.
Sudhir Tripathi
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