Aims & Objectives

aim.jpgTo Develop keen sense of Morality”  which is universally acknowledged as the highest aim of humanity &  consequently of education.

To provide congenial environment for comprehensive and harmonious development of the whole personality and its integration with the society.

To pay personal attention to each individual child for achieving high academic standards.

The head and fellow teachers are to become an epitome of all that is good an set and example of simple living,  dedication to duty,  keen sense of responsibility,  probity and integrity which the pupil may emulate.

To make lessons interesting following different methods of teaching i. e. play way,  fun,  experimentation,  structural approach etc. To expose a harmonious blend of science and technology and moral values.

To instill a spirit of self-discipline to impart an education of modern languages science&  technology while preserving and promoting the glorious,  cultural heritage of Indian Society.

It has an exceptionally qualified and experienced faculty that has consistently helped students to achieve academic success with distinction.